November 07, 2006

Search Engine Marketing Starts First, Not Last.

Most of the website owners consider Search Engine Marketing (SEM) last means after developing their website. For business related websites, achieving higher ranking in major search engines, must be on TOP priority. Let me show you how Search Engine Marketing plays an important role on each step of your website's success.

1> Domain Name Registration - When you are registering domain name for your online business, try to include your main keyword / product or service name with that domain. When you add important keyword in your domain name, it helps to boost your ranking in search engine databases for your important keywords. For example check Joel Comm's - "" domain name, now by looking at this domain name any one can get an idea that this website provides some Unique Secrets on how to make BIG PROFITS through Google AdSense.

Generally you can register 2 types of domain name, one with your company name to protect your brand, and another with your important product or service name to rank high in search engines.

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